Those deemed Out Of Specification are dumped, and new ones fitted. Crankshafts are ground undersize, or metalsprayed /chromed to regain original sizes.

Pistons are re-ringed and pinfit. Should bores or liners be damaged, over size components are fitted.

Valve plates are surface ground and new reeds fitted.

Connecting rods are available in .010′.020′ and in some machines .030′.

NOTHING is used if the measurements are not in specification.


Badly carboned or rusted frames, heads and covers are immersed in our acid tank to remove contaminants and rust. Another tank brightens the metal to near new condition. The parts are then heat treated to totally remove any vestige of moisture.

The test-run phase ensures oil pressure, unloading, and current draw are as expected in the rebuilt compressor. Our test rig allows us to run the compressors under load, to further ensure a quality product.

We then leak test, evacuate, re-pressurise, and paint the job ready for the shelf or customer.